Niagara Ports

Niagara Ports

Niagara Ports is a proposed network of three Multimodal Industrial Hubs located along the Welland Canal in Port Colborne, Thorold and Welland, Ontario.

Each of the three proposed Multimodal Hubs will offer development-ready industrial land; along with marine, rail, and highway connections. As a network, they offer industrial users a wide range of choices to meet development and transportation needs.

Niagara Ports is intended to help Niagara lead a sustainable industrial expansion in Ontario, while promoting increased use of marine transportation, and creating a welcoming and sustainable environment for industry.

This major regional industrial and multimodal network can grow trade in a more sustainable way, and contribute to Ontario’s quality of life by reducing congestion, supporting key industries and jobs.

Niagara Ports’ Goals

  • Develop the Niagara trade corridor
  • Grow Seaway cargo volumes
  • Attract industry and investment to Niagara
  • Improve modal balance to reduce traffic congestion on Ontario highways; reduce bottlenecks
  • Reduce transportation costs for shippers of cargo
  • Improve the carbon profile of Ontario’s goods movement transportation network
  • Diversify and expand trade capacity for the Ontario economy