Community Partnerships

At HOPA Ports, we take pride in developing and supporting initiatives that directly contribute to the wellbeing and prosperity of our communities of operation. Whether big or small, we try to develop programs and campaigns that will have a clear and lasting social or environmental impact. We work with local partner organizations, charities, not-for-profits, conservation groups, post-secondary institutions and school boards across Oshawa, Hamilton and Niagara.

As you can see below, our outreach and partnerships focus on three key areas: youth & education, environment, and marine advocacy & infrastructure.

Youth & Education

From K-12 to post-secondary and beyond, we’re investing in the future of Hamilton, Oshawa, and Niagara by supporting their most important asset: people!

We have developed new programs, provided scholarships, and do our part to help our community’s most vulnerable members.

Mohawk College

City School by Mohawk
Ship Repair School
Careers at the Port
Supply Chain Management Graduate Program

McMaster University

Brock University

Niagara Industrial Association

Innovation Education Council


Welcome Inn

Simcoe Hall Settlement House

Liberty for Youth

Marine Advocacy & Infrastructure

As stewards of ports and marine assets across Southern Ontario, we are naturally obliged to demonstrate the value of this industry to local residents beyond mere commercial success (although we like that too!). We work with a variety of groups that contribute to health of seafarers, and the recreational enjoyment of marine heritage and public space along our waterfronts. Our partners provide an important light into the maritime history of each community and trade on the Great Lakes, and experiences that connect residents of all ages to what life is like on the water.

Beach Canal Lighthouse

Mission to Seafarers

Royal Hamilton Yacht Club


Oshawa Museum

Fisherman’s Pier

Environmental Sustainability

We take environmental conservation, maintenance and management very seriously. We strive to be an active partner in the protection of Hamilton Harbour, Oshawa’s Second Marsh, and ecosystems along the Welland Canal.

We view all of our activities through a ‘green’ lens, including: greenhouse gas and dust reduction, energy savings, pollution prevention and positive stewardship of the land and water.

Bay Area Restoration Council

Hamilton Conservation Authority

Harbour West Marina’s Seabin

Team Up to Clean Up

Tree Planting

Smart Commute

Royal Botanical Gardens

Community Contact

If you’re interested in partnering with HOPA Ports, on a new initiative or community event, please reach out to [email protected]