Access to Information Requests

The Hamilton-Oshawa Port Authority posts summaries of completed Access to Information requests under the Access to Information Act (ATIA)-

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Completed Access to Information Requests

The Hamilton-Oshawa Port Authority posts summaries of completed Access to Information requests it completes under the Access to Information Act (ATIA). The following list contains summaries of completed requests for which documents have been retrieved or treated. The list is provided in chronological order, by month and year, and by request number. (Requests focusing on personal information or third party proprietary information are not included.)
Month Request # Summary of Request Disposition of Request Number of Pages Released
Feb-22 A-2021-004 Request Received for: The Hamilton Oshawa Port Authority (“HOPA”) has issued any permits or approvals for the Property (386 Wilcox Street) under the Canada Marine Act (the “Act”) or any other act administered by HOPA relating to docks or other structures extending into the water of Hamilton Harbour; there are any outstanding work orders issued by HOPA under the Act or any other actadministered by HOPA; the Property is subject to any restrictions, directives, orders, violations or breaches under the Act or any other act administered by HOPA; there are any unregistered agreements or regulations affecting the Property; and the Property is affected by any other regulation or order issued by HOPA, and if so, kindly provide us with the details of any restrictions, directives, orders, violations or breaches of regulations which HOPA may have on file with respect to the structures or use of the Property. All Disclosed 1
Jan-22 Nothing to Report
Dec-21 A-2021-001 Documents Associated with: Vaccination and/or medical testing policies and/or mandates deemed enforceable upon employees of HAMILTON‐OSHAWA PORT AUTHORITY. Vaccination and/or medical testing policies and/or mandates deemed enforceable upon the employees of any private and/or public sector tenants. HOPA’s vaccination and/or medical testing policy ethics, morality, liability, enforceability, legality and/or lawfulness. Potential discrimination, incrimination, segregation, human rights violations, unconstitutionality, privacy law offences, Charter violations, Criminal Code violations, Nuremburg Code violations, resulting from HOPA’s vaccination and/or medical testing policies. Potential third‐party contractual interference and/or contract infringement resulting from HOPA’s vaccination and/or medical testing policies. Potential breach of employment contracts resulting from HOPA’s vaccination and/or medicaltesting policies. General discussion and/or specific concerns over “COVID‐19” vaccine safety, efficacy and/or experimental status. All Disclosed 7
Dec-21 A-2021-002 Request Received for: Disclosure of any and all perceived, potential, confidentially‐disclosed and/or publicly‐disclosed conflicts of interest, and/or any records thereof, for all high‐ranking public servants, senior officers, senior management staff, upper management employees, managerial contract workers, and/or any of Her majesty’s agents at HAMILTON‐OSHAWA PORT AUTHORCTY (hereinafter referred to as ‘HOPA ‘ ), specifically but not limited to those senior staff members responsible for drafting, authoring, ordering, instituting and/or overseeing HOPA ‘s “COVID‐19” protocols, vaccination mandates and/or medical information disclosure policies for HOPA employees and the employees of HOPA ‘s private‐sector tenants. All Exempted 0
Dec-21 A-2021-003 Request Received for: Any and all contracts, service agreements, policy agreements, lease agreements, health and safety related notices between HAMILTON‐OSHAWA PORT AUTHORITY, herein after referred to as ‘HOPA’ , (and/or any of its subsidiaries, agents, officers, representatives, or assigns) and KUBES (and/or any of its subsidiaries, agents, officers, representatives, or assigns) All Exempted 0
Nov-21 Nothing to Report
Oct-21 Nothing to Report
Sep-21 Nothing to Report
Aug-21 Nothing to Report
Jul-21 Nothing to Report
Jun-21 Nothing to Report
May-21 Nothing to Report
Apr-21 Nothing to Report
Mar-21 Nothing to Report
Feb-21 Nothing to Report
Jan-21 Nothing to Report
Dec-20 Nothing to Report
Nov-20 Nothing to Report
Oct-20 Nothing to Report
Sep-20 Nothing to Report
Aug-20 Nothing to Report
Jul-20 Nothing to Report
Jun-20 Nothing to Report
May-20 Nothing to Report
Apr-20 Nothing to Report
Mar-20 Nothing to Report
Feb-20 Nothing to Report
Jan-20 Nothing to Report
Dec-19 Nothing to Report
Nov-19 Nothing to Report
Oct-19 Nothing to Report
Sep-19 Nothing to Report
Aug-19 Nothing to Report
Jul-19 Nothing to Report
Jun-19 Nothing to Report
May-19 Nothing to Report
Apr-19 Nothing to Report
Mar-19 Nothing to Report
Feb-19 Nothing to Report
Jan-19 Nothing to Report
Dec-18 Nothing to Report
Nov-18 Nothing to Report
Oct-18 Nothing to Report
Sep-18 Nothing to Report
Aug-18 Nothing to Report
Jul-18 Nothing to Report
Jun-18 Nothing to Report
May-18 Nothing to Report
Apr-18 Nothing to Report
Mar-18 Nothing to Report
Feb-18 Nothing to Report
Jan-18 Nothing to Report
Dec-17 OSH-ATI-01-17 Request received for Environmental Assessment Information – extension granted for 30 days – Request fulfilled Feb 16, 2018 Disclosed in part 177
Nov-17 Nothing to Report
Oct-17 Nothing to Report
Sep-17 Nothing to Report
Aug-17 Nothing to Report
Jul-17 Nothing to Report
Jun-17 Nothing to Report
May-17 Nothing to Report
Apr-17 Nothing to Report
Mar-17 A-2016/17-003 Documents associated with the current security guard contract in place with the port. Specifically, copies of the current contract including wages/bill rates and all changes/addendum, a copy of all evaluation documentation from the previous procurement, and a copy of the winning proposal from the previous procurement. All Exempted 0
Feb-17 Nothing to Report
Jan-17 OSH-ATI-02-16 Request received for OPA insurance information coverage – extension granted for 30 days – Request fulfilled March 23, 2017 All Disclosed 890
Jan-17 A-2016/17-002 The monetary amount of contracts provided to Deloitte, Ernst and Young (EY), KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton (RCGT), IBM, Accenture, Interis, BDO and Tiree , by fiscal year, for the past 5 fiscal years (2015-16, 2014-15, 2013-14, 2012-2013 and 2011-12), and the first two quarters of 2016/17. All Disclosed 1
Dec-16 Nothing to Report
Nov-16 Nothing to Report
Oct-16 Nothing to Report
Sep-16 Nothing to Report
Aug-16 Nothing to Report
Jul-16 A-2016/17-001 Listing of companies that were awarded tenders or purchase orders for toner and copy paper for 2015 and 2016. All Disclosed 1
Jun-16 Nothing to Report
May-16 Nothing to Report
Apr-16 Nothing to Report
Mar-16 A-2015/16-001 Suppliers used to print and produce letterhead and envelopes in 2015. All Disclosed 1
Feb-16 Nothing to Report
Jan-16 Nothing to Report
Dec-15 OSH-ATI-03-2015 Contracts, service or lease aggreements entered into with, or a licence granted by, the Oshawa Port Authoirty and or its subsidiaries, and Terminaux Portuaires du Quebec (TPQ) and or any of its subsidiaries, including but not limited to Oshawa Stevedoring. Exempted 0
Nov-15 OSH-ATI-02-2015 Emails between Oshawa Port Authority president & CEO Donna Taylor, Chairman of the Board Gary Valcour, and any persons or representatives of the FarmTech Energy Corp. No records exist 0
Oct-15 Nothing to Report
Sep-15 Nothing to Report
Aug-15 Nothing to Report
Jul-15 OSH-ATI-01-2015 Policies for travel and hospitality expenses incurred by federally appointed board members (including chairperson), and for the reimbursement thereof. All hospitality and travel expense claims (including submitted claim forms and processing documentation) and supporting documentation (including, where available, receipts, invoices, itineraries, hotel bills, taxi chits, boarding passes, tickets, meal and food receipts and bills, etc), as well as any amendments or modifications thereto. Scope: Current and former federally appointed chairpersons and board members. Time frame: 2010 to present. All records disclosed 60
Jun-15 Nothing to Report
May-15 Nothing to Report
Apr-15 Nothing to Report
Mar-15 Nothing to Report
Feb-15 Nothing to Report
Jan-15 Nothing to Report
Dec-14 Nothing to Report
Nov-14 Nothing to Report
Oct-14 Nothing to Report
Sep-14 A-2014-003 Expense records for Bruce Wood, President and CEO for the years of 2013, 2012 and 2011. All Disclosed 70
Aug-14 Nothing to Report
Jul-14 Nothing to Report
Jun-14 OSH-ATI-01-2014 Contracts awarded to SNC Lavalin Group Inc. and/or any of its subsidiaries 2004 to present. No Records Exist 0
May-14 Nothing to Report
Apr-14 Nothing to Report
Mar-14 Nothing to Report
Feb-14 Nothing to Report
Jan-14 A-2014-001 Records respecting any licence, permit, authorization, contract or agreement concerning a proposal to develop and provide billboard advertising on property belonging to the HPA All Exempted 0