Toronto Tank Lines (TTL) expands operations with brand-new rail transload yard at Pier 25 in Hamilton

Toronto Tank Lines (TTL), a TFI International Company has reached another milestone with the opening of their newest rail transload yard located at Pier 25 in Hamilton.

TTL specializes in transporting and storing a wide array of food-grade products, including dry bulk sugar, processed grains, liquid sweeteners, flour, and edible oils.

Here are some key highlights of the newly opened rail yard:

Expansive Site:

Spanning over a sprawling 7-acre site, the rail transload yard offers ample space to accommodate up to 70 railcar spots with most being 100% truck accessible.

Transload Services:

Full-service capabilities, specializing in safe and efficient transloading of both liquid and dry bulk food-grade products from railcars to tank trucks and vice-versa.

Trucking Solutions:

Integrated truck logistics complemented by the convenience of a nearby third-party tank truck repair and maintenance operation and on site food-grade washrack for tank trucks and railcars.

Infrastructure for Efficiency and Safety:

The rail yard is fully paved and illuminated, enhancing operational efficiency and safety. With well-maintained infrastructure, TTL can ensure the seamless movement of goods while prioritizing the safety of its employees and partners.

Precise Measurements and Enhanced Security:

TTL’s rail yard features a truck scale, allowing for accurate measurements and ensuring that goods are loaded and transported with precision and efficiency. TTL is situated within the confines of HOPA Ports property, ensuring access is strictly controlled through gated entry points equipped with 24/7 video surveillance.

For more information, please visit their website:

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