Port of Hamilton

About Hamilton

The Port of Hamilton is the largest port in Ontario and the western marine gateway to the Greater Toronto-Hamilton Area (GTHA). The Port of Hamilton is critical infrastructure for key Ontario industries, facilitating international trade flows and supporting domestic supply chains, including:

  • Southern Ontario’s largest gateway for overseas exports of Ontario-grown corn, wheat and soybeans, handling more than a million tonnes of exports per year;
  • Largest gateway for imports of crop inputs used in southern Ontario agricultural production (urea ammonium nitrate, potash);
  • Essential infrastructure for raw material imports from the U.S. for steelmaking (iron ore/coal);
  • Major import gateway for finished steel used in GTHA automotive manufacturing, durable goods and construction projects;
  • Export gateway for large Ontario-manufactured components, factory equipment and machinery;
  • Major regional import gateway from the U.S. for liquid bulk petrochemical products, such as consumer gasoline and asphalt cement used in GTHA road construction.
HOPA Ports has consistently delivered on its mandate to support Canadian prosperity and trade by ensuring Canadian industry has the space to invest and grow. Port users have made more than $300 million in investments in the port lands within the last decade, leading to a diversification of the port’s cargo mix, and growing the number of jobs by 30 per cent.

Cargo Tonnage

Cargo OriginCargo Group20202021
DomesticBreak              677             21,435
 Dry   3,657,165        3,816,452
 Liquid        98,523           111,700
Domestic Total   3,756,364       3,949,586
OverseasBreak      602,352        1,301,733
 Dry   1,664,070        1,785,276
 Liquid      322,325           406,419
Overseas Total   2,588,747       3,493,428
USADry   3,519,491        3,359,185
 Liquid        63,888             37,305
USA Total   3,583,379       3,396,490
Grand Total (mt)   9,928,491     10,839,504

Port Information

Cargo: Approx. 10 million MT / year

Cargo value: $2 billion

Vessel calls: Approx. 650

Acreage: 630 ac. / 255 hectares

Tenants: 130

Jobs on port property: 2,100

Jobs connected to cargo: 38,000

Annual economic activity connected to cargo: $6 billion

Rail cars: 7,000

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