Hamilton Container Terminal (HCT) is a new empty depot alternative that operates on logistics and value offered service. HCT is located on a high-capacity truck route with direct connection to the Toronto/Niagara QEW and connectivity to rail and marine transportation services. HCT’s convenient location proves attractive for regional and international companies, looking to reduce delivery time and improve efficiency.


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Imtiaz Siraj

Director Business Development – Terminal

(647) 534 1851
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HCT has been able to adapt to the agri-food boom with their offering of flexi-bag services. The use of this service accommodates smaller volumes with fitted, specially designed bags, creating opportunities for local product producers.

The Future

Although Hamilton Container Terminal already holds a diverse range of value-added services, they continue to strive in widening the extent of what is offered. Within the next few years HCT plans on strengthening their portfolio by adding: