The Future of Hamilton’s Working Waterfront

In 2016, the Hamilton Port Authority will undertake a review and update of its Land Use Plan.

Input from port stakeholders and the public will be critical to the development of the updated Land Use Plan.


The mandate of a port is to facilitate trade and to support the regional economy. For the Port of Hamilton, this means serving as an essential link in several supply chains: steel-making, agri-food, construction materials, petrochemicals, and manufacturing. HPA’s updated Land Use Plan must seek to maximize efficient transportation services to these industries.

A port is also an industrial community, comprising a network of companies. Port strategies may include initiatives that contribute to a more integrated, sustainable and efficient port community.

The Land Use Plan must explain how port activities will be undertaken in a financially and socially responsible, and environmentally sustainable fashion.


A port is a regional economic asset, and also a local landholder. Port land uses contribute to the character and perception of Hamilton Harbour, and the city of Hamilton. The updated Land Use Plan should include our community’s best ideas to maximize the port’s economic contribution, while contributing to a healthy, vibrant waterfront and city.

We are particularly interested in the areas where port uses intersect with public space.

  • Are there specific areas or issues to be addressed?
  • Do you have ideas for improving port-public interaction?

We want to hear from all stakeholders throughout this process: community members and organizations, port users and businesses.

Please visit regularly for information and updates.

On that page, you will find a link to an online survey to share your ideas.

Legal Counsel

HOPA Ports is seeking a highly motivated individual for the position of Legal Counsel to help guide the sustainable growth of Ontario’s largest port authority.

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