Take a first look from a new harbour lookout!

Please join us for the grand opening of a new window to the waterfront. The new lookout platform is located facing Hamilton Harbour, at Pier 15.

When:  Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2017   3:00 pm

Where: 210 Hillyard St.,  (north of Burlington St.)

The idea for a public lookout point, providing direct views of Hamilton Harbour, emerged from our discussions with the local community.

The lookout is intended to provide a window onto the day-to-day life of Hamilton’s working waterfront. It offers views of the ongoing construction of the Randle Reef facility, the west dockwall at Stelco, drydock (ship repair) activities, and vessel activity on the harbour.

The construction of the platform (designed and built by HPA’s own team) is the first step, and an important milestone for 2017.

We hope you can visit, and we want to hear from you: What can we do to make the lookout an inviting, safe and informative space to experience Hamilton’s working waterfront? What kinds of educational or interpretive information can we include?

Everyone welcome. Bring your camera!

For more information: [email protected]