Statement by HPA on US Steel restructuring

We are pleased to hear that the September 21 announcement of an MOU between the Province of Ontario and Bedrock Industries proposes to facilitate the continuation of steel-making activities at US Steel Canada’s Hamilton plant.

We are not privy to details on the potential use of the surplus lands at the USSC site, but we have always believed that the best use for these is as productive industrial employment land, where modern industries can bring jobs and investment to Hamilton. And we would note that this vision is aligned with the results of Deloitte’s study for the City’s Bayfront Industrial Strategy.

Whatever the outcome of the CCAA process, HPA will remain open to ways to participate and collaborate with other stakeholders. We believe that HPA has a great deal to offer as part of a positive outcome for Hamilton – economically and environmentally.

HPA has a track record of successfully redeveloping brownfield lands, including former steel sites. Our project at Pier 22, site of a former Stelco rod mill was shortlisted for a Canadian Urban Institute brownfield redevelopment award. We also have a solid track record of attracting new businesses to Hamilton, with $300 million investment attracted in the last seven years.

We believe strongly that Hamilton’s waterfront is more than just an environmental liability – it is an extraordinary city-building opportunity, and we certainly hope this recent announcement is a positive step in that direction.

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