Sherman Inlet Shoreline Restored

The restoration of the shoreline at Sherman Inlet is now complete!

In 2017, HPA announced the start of a two-year process to restore an area at Sherman Inlet that was filled in 2000, and made a commitment to preserve the inlet as a protected natural space within the port’s perimeter.

Sherman Inlet is one of the last remnants of the original shoreline of Hamilton Harbour and carries cultural as well as environmental significance to the surrounding community.

More than 650 m2 of shoreline has been restored back to open water, equivalent to the amount of fish habitat that was filled. The excavation also created a new bottom elevation, lined with geomembrane and topped with sand, gravel, and soil to help promote the growth of marsh plantings.

The final step in this initiative involves new plantings to re-vegetate the area. This activity will take place in late summer. Grasses and wetland plants will be planted to help prevent erosion as well as provide habitat.

Pier 15 ‘Queendoms’

Building on the restoration of the Sherman Inlet shoreline, HPA would like to welcome a few thousand new port tenants to Pier 15. HPA has partnered with Humblebee Inc., a local Hamilton urban bee keeping company, to install 12 hive boxes on the bank of the Inlet. The site has been established as a breeding location for queen bees due to its seclusion, naturalized features, and distance from other beekeeping activity. The bees are a welcome addition to the port lands pollinator corridor, also consisting of the pollinator garden planted last year near the port’s maintenance shop.

Legal Counsel

HOPA Ports is seeking a highly motivated individual for the position of Legal Counsel to help guide the sustainable growth of Ontario’s largest port authority.

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