Responsible Grain Handling

Grain terminals at the Port of Hamilton are a critical gateway for Ontario farmers to get their grain to global markets.  Ontario-grown corn, wheat and soybeans are delivered from the farm to port terminals by truck or rail, where these grains are loaded onto vessels for export globally.

Port terminal operators are taking proactive steps to minimize grain dust from port facilities, including operational best practices, and investments in new grain-handling equipment. Please see  for information


  • The products handled by grain terminals at the Port of Hamilton are the same food products we find on our grocery store shelves and kitchen tables every day, including:
    • Wheat used in pasta and bread
    • Dry corn, like the corn meal used on the underside of pizza
    • Soy and canola, blended for use in cooking oils, including the type used in well-known Canadian-produced varieties of potato chips and doughnuts.
  • Agri-food represents $1 billion of economic activity in Hamilton.
  • Facilities like Parrish & Heimbecker’s new flour mill support local agri-food supply chains, keeping food processing and associated jobs in Canada.
  • The food sector employs 1 out of every 9 Ontarians. (Ontario Chamber of Commerce)

pdf icon Responsible Grain Handling at the Port of Hamilton (PDF)