Pier 12 Dock Reconstruction

HPA reinvests more than $10 million each year in building and maintaining infrastructure at the Port of Hamilton. These investments ensure the port’s ability to meet its mandate of providing efficient transportation and facilitating trade for Ontario industries.

In 2018, HPA engineers and contractors began the first phase of a major project to reconstruct a critical piece of marine infrastructure at the port’s Pier 12.  The previous dock was over 60 years old, and the maximum load permitted on the dock had been reduced over time, limiting the use of this important asset.

Pier 12 is one of the port’s busiest piers. More than 700,000 tonnes of cargo is handled here each year, including fertilizer, aggregates, salt and steel.

Construction began on the Pier 12 west wharf in early 2018. The project involves reconstructing the entire west half of the Pier 12 wharf by installing a new steel sheet pile wall immediately outside of the existing wharf, leaving the existing wharf in place.

The new dock structure will be designed for an increased surcharge load capacity of 1,000 lbs per square foot, double the original dock’s capacity of 500 lbs per square foot. The new structure is also designed to allow for future maintenance dredging of the adjacent Emerald Street slip to ensure access by Seaway-draft vessels.

The reconstruction of the western half of the Pier 12 wharf is being undertaken in three stages.  The first stage is being completed now.  The second stage is anticipated to be completed in 2019, and the third in 2020.

Legal Counsel

HOPA Ports is seeking a highly motivated individual for the position of Legal Counsel to help guide the sustainable growth of Ontario’s largest port authority.

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