Oshawa Harbour Dredging Notice

June 30, 2021

Dredging is starting in the Oshawa Harbour. While this is ongoing, some access restrictions to the pier will be required. Barriers will be installed periodically during dredging when the contractor/heavy equipment is working in close proximity to the pier. The barrier will be located approximately halfway down the length of the pier, as indicated. Dredging work is expected to continue for a period of approximately 1 month

Dredging the approach canal ensures port operations run smoothly. Port Authorities in the Great Lakes are required to conduct maintenance dredging to ‘Seaway depth’ of 8.2 m (27 ft.) ensure vessel access to port. The Port of Oshawa experiences a high degree of siltation resulting in the need for regular dredging at the mouth of the harbour and in the approach channel.

Please contact community@hopaports.ca for any questions about this project.

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