New multimodal hub on the Welland Canal a major step forward for industry

Thorold, ON (December 4, 2020) – An innovative industrial site along the international Welland Canal invites companies to join a new complex destined to be a game-changer.

The Thorold Multimodal Hub, in the heart of Niagara, Canada, is offering more than 500,000 square feet of available indoor warehouse and 200-acre outdoor storage and material handling space, providing flexible solutions that can be configured to suit diverse industrial operations.

The Hub comprises space owned by HOPA Ports, as well as a 155-acre former paper mill; the latter is a massive facility purchased recently by Bioveld Canada Inc.. Bioveld specializes in the productive repurposing of brownfield and industrial sites. “As a single point of contact for communities and corporations looking for progressive, long-term solutions, we leverage our experience leading restorative development teams to provide long-term gains for the investors, partners, and communities we work with,” said Bioveld Canada’s Board Chair, David Townsend.

This new major regional facility will be managed by HOPA Ports, through its subsidiary Great Lakes Port Management. Available spaces within the Hub feature infrastructure to reduce transportation costs and boost efficiency, with integrated, multimodal connections for industrial tenants. It will also include on-site property management and development services provided by HOPA Ports’ experienced team.

This investment in Niagara by Bioveld Canada and HOPA Ports is a step towards a more efficient and integrated network of marine facilities in Ontario. “As Ontario positions itself for an economic recovery, and as the province’s population and congestion issues grow, it just makes sense for us to be making better use of Ontario’s industrial and multimodal transportation capacity,” said Ian Hamilton, President & CEO of HOPA Ports. “With all of its advantages, Niagara is a natural place to invest.” HOPA Ports already operates integrated port facilities in Hamilton and Oshawa, and is very optimistic about the contribution to economic development and sustainable operation that the Thorold Multimodal Hub can make.

The Thorold Multimodal Hub is the first concrete step in the Niagara Ports plan, which was agreed by HOPA Ports and Niagara civic stakeholders in September. Niagara Ports is a plan to create a corridor of multimodal industrial hubs along the Welland Canal in Niagara. Other hubs, in Port Colborne and Welland, are currently in conceptual stages.

Spaces Available

“This is a highly flexible, waterfront space that can accommodate a variety of industrial operators,” said Jeremy Dunn, Commercial Vice President with HOPA Ports. “Leases here will include indoor, outdoor, turnkey and develop-to-suit. Companies locating here will benefit from the proximity to the U.S. border, the availability of marine and rail, and strategic location in the Niagara-Hamilton-Toronto trade corridor.”

Available spaces include a central warehouse, several other warehousing sites, truck dock and bays, train shed and manufacturing shops, as well as a wood shop, auto shop and offices. Some spaces are turnkey while others can be customized. With such variety, and the ability to be flexible in creating dynamic workspace for businesses, endless opportunities exist for businesses to prosper in the new Thorold Multimodal Hub.


Mayor Terry Ugulini, City of Thorold

This is a great day for the City of Thorold, and the people of Niagara. The City of Thorold is uniquely positioned to be the engine of a new era in marine transportation in Ontario. This investment by Bioveld Canada is testament to that. Today’s event is the culmination of years of planning and coordination. This is a true example of progress, working with our neighbouring municipalities, HOPA the private sector and higher levels of government to create economic sustainability. 

Niagara has a strong history in marine, and we are well positioned to be a trade and logistics hub for the world given the Welland canal, which runs through the great City of Thorold and our partner cities. The efficient movement of goods has never been more important to domestic and global supply chains. As Mayor of the City of Thorold I know that we will put our best foot forward as we work toward creating the future, one that will solve complex global problems and give rise to new possibilities for our citizens and businesses. We welcome this investment and more to come!

Niagara Regional Chair, Jim Bradley

For years we have touted Niagara’s strategic location as one of its key assets and this announcement proves how we are taking full advantage of our geographic position in North America. As COVID-19 continues to hamper economic growth across the globe, it is important to seek out ways to diversify Niagara’s economy while developing our status as a key trade corridor. I am confident this project will be a key element in helping to attract more investment and industry to our region for years to come.

Vance Badawey, MP Niagara Centre and Chair, Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities  

This Multimodal Hub in Thorold is just the first step in the establishment of the Niagara Ports Trade Corridor. By working together with our partners, such as HOPA and Bioveld, we are improving supply-chain efficiency and transportation logistics, strengthening our region to become an innovative, economic, transportation/logistics-based leader. With our close proximity to major markets and recently ratified trade agreements that elevates our economic population to 1.8 billion, Niagara contributes to the inseparable relationship between Canada’s international trade performance and the integrated economies with our trading partners.

Chris Bittle, MP, St. Catharines
Niagara has long touted our strength as a strategic geographical hub with multiple transportation avenues available to businesses and manufacturers. Today’s announcement demonstrates the real economic opportunities this strength presents. As Canada emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential that our economic growth is sustainable. Marine, rail and road transportation networks, as well as our proximity to major markets, present businesses and manufacturers with a unique way to do business efficiently. The Multimodal Hub in Thorold brings all transportation options to the table in one location and presents an excellent case for investment in our community. The result will lead to a stronger, more diverse local economy.


About Thorold Multimodal Hub:

The Thorold Multimodal Hub is a 200-acre multimodal industrial complex in Niagara, adjacent to the Welland Canal. Unique to Niagara, it features marine, rail and highway access, as well as over 500,000 square feet of indoor warehouse and outdoor storage space, which can be configured to a wide variety of industrial, cargo handling and ancillary operations. The Hub comprises space owned by HOPA Ports, as well as a 155-acre former paper mill; the massive facility was purchased recently by Bioveld Canada Inc.

About Great Lakes Port Management and HOPA Ports:

Great Lakes Port Management (GLPM) is the manager of the new Thorold Multimodal Hub and a wholly owned subsidiary of Hamilton Oshawa Port Authority (HOPA Ports). As an integrated port network, HOPA Ports offers port and marine assets on the Great Lakes. We are developing multimodal spaces, including in Niagara, to support Ontario’s industries and facilitate trade. By investing in high-quality infrastructure and prioritizing sustainability, we build prosperous working waterfronts in Ontario communities.


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More background on the Thorold Multimodal Hub and Niagara Ports.