Hamilton, Port City

Hamilton’s Mission to Seafarers a sailor’s haven for the holidays, Globe & Mail, Dec. 23


Chaplains Dan Phannenhour and Ronda Ploughman of the Mission to Seafarers approach the Cinnamon, a Cypriot ship, while carrying Christmas boxes to deliver to the ship's Ukrainian crew docked in Hamilton, Ontario on Tuesday, December 20, 2016. (Peter Power for The Globe and Mail)

Thousands of homesick and seasick sailors call at Hamilton every year aboard some 700 ships, both lakers and the ocean-going vessels known as “salties” in the freshwater harbours of the world. Within 12 hours of a ship’s arrival in Hamilton, Mission to Seafarers workers will go aboard with a bag of chocolates and the long-distance calling cards that are always in demand amid the chronic isolation of a mariner’s life.

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