Sherman Inlet

Shoreline Restoration

The restoration of the shoreline at Sherman Inlet is now complete. In 2017, HPA announced the start of a two-year process to restore an area at Sherman Inlet that was filled in 2000, and made a commitment to preserve the inlet as a protected natural space within the port’s perimeter. Sherman Inlet is one of the last remnants of the original shoreline of Hamilton Harbour and carries cultural as well as environmental significance to the surrounding community. More than 650 m2 of shoreline has been restored back to open water, equivalent to the amount of fish habitat that was filled. The excavation also created a new bottom elevation, lined with geomembrane and topped with sand, gravel, and soil to help promote the growth of marsh plantings.

Since the restoration of the shoreline in 2018 nature has taken over, with grasses and trees sprouting on the bank of the inlet, and wildlife such as turtles, frogs, snakes, birds, rabbits, raccoon, beaver and coyote making the increasingly wild space their home.

Humble Bee

In 2018 12 hive boxes were installed at a new bee yard adjacent to Sherman Inlet on the Port’s Pier 15, in partnership with Hamilton urban beekeeping company Humble Bee. The honey bee colony at Sherman Inlet expanded in 2019, to 22 hives.