Fisherman’s Pier

In 2019, we kicked off a comprehensive public consultation process to re-envision the future of Fisherman’s Pier. More than 650 residents of Hamilton and Burlington have shared their ideas about how to redevelop Fisherman’s Pier into a more welcoming recreational space. 

Fisherman’s Pier is located at the shipping canal at the entrance to Hamilton Harbour, and is one of the best places to get an up-close look at the massive cargo ships as they pass in and out of the port. It is also the home of the historic Beach Canal Lighthouse dating from 1858. HOPA is working with the Beach Canal Lighthouse Group and government agencies to restore the landmark and open it to the public. 

Through this redevelopment, we hope to celebrate the role that Hamilton Harbour and the Great Lakes have played for thousands of years, from indigenous trading routes, to the engines of industrialization and city-building, to today’s modern trade corridor. 

Through the initial consultation, we heard of residents’ desires for a more accessible, natural space, with upgraded amenities for cycling, fishing, and seasonal cultural programming.

HOPA’s longer-term vision for the redeveloped Fisherman’s Pier includes:

  • A central public plaza with space for seasonal cultural programming and the lighthouse as a focal point;
  • A greenspace extending toward Beach Blvd.;
  • Upgraded angling amenities;
  • Accessible and upgraded pedestrian piers;
  • Lighting features on the Burlington Skyway Bridge to act as a beacon and gateway to the region.

HOPA welcomes partners and supporters to help refine and achieve each of these next steps. To get involved, please contact: [email protected].