Mid-season tonnage trends

Cargo tonnage as of the end of August shows the Port on-par with the same period in 2016. Commodities like salt, grain and fertilizer are all showing strong results at the mid-point in the 2017 shipping season. While it is a major export hub for Ontario-grown grain, the Port of Hamilton is also one of…Read More→

New links in Ontario’s agri-food supply chain

This spring, a brand new grain export terminal at the Port of Hamilton opens its doors to begin accepting product from Ontario farms. The state-of-the-art $50 million G3 Canada Ltd. terminal will create necessary transportation capacity to help Ontario producers deliver their corn, wheat and soybeans to markets around the globe. The Port of Hamilton…Read More→

Optimizing the Great Lakes Trade Corridor

Almost 60 years after the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway opened, how can we optimize the Great Lakes region’s role as a trade corridor? When the Seaway opened in 1959, it marked the completion of one of North America’s greatest infrastructure projects: a marine highway connecting Great Lakes cities to the Atlantic. “It has moved the…Read More→

Maximizing ports for the good of Ontario’s economy

“We want to see Ontario be the trade gateway it can be, using marine and rail transportation to their full capacity.” Read the OpEd in the latest edition of Maritime Magazine:  Maximizing ports for the good of Ontario’s economy

Rail Growth on Track

“The right mode at the right time,” has been a mantra of the Hamilton Port Authority throughout its recent, investment-intensive years. HPA has been taking steps to ensure that port infrastructure keeps pace with modern needs and that port users have robust multimodal access, particularly when it comes to rail. Two of the port’s most…Read More→