Introducing HOPA Ports

The New Face of a Familiar Maritime Industry Leader September 26, 2019 Hamilton & Oshawa, ON — Following its amalgamation in June, the Hamilton-Oshawa Port Authority (or HOPA) had a unique opportunity to reposition itself. The Port Authority sought a modern brand and visual identity that would resonate in Hamilton and Oshawa, and convey its…Read More→

New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at 605 James St. N

September 25, 2019 Hamilton, ON – Aside from a few key locations, a recent report found Hamilton ranks last in the number of electric vehicle chargers per capita compared to 18 other similar municipalities. We know burning fossil fuels for transportation is one of the top contributors of greenhouse gas emissions in North America, and…Read More→

Help plan the future of Fisherman’s Pier!

The Hamilton-Oshawa Port Authority wants your help to plan the future for Fisherman’s Pier! Fisherman’s Pier is located at the entrance to the Hamilton Harbour at the shipping canal. The canal marks the municipal boundary between Hamilton and Burlington. The area includes land on both sides of the canal and many notable landmarks such as…Read More→

HOPA Food Drive helps #FightHungerThisSummer in Hamilton and Oshawa

September 19, 2019 Hamilton & Oshawa, ON – Did you know that every summer, food banks across Canada experience a shortage of donations? While many of us were busy enjoying cottages and warmer weather, those living in poverty have an increasingly difficult time feeding their children while school is out. Sometimes, foodshare spaces and food…Read More→

New Seabin Removes Waste from the Water at Harbour West Marina

September 11, 2019 Hamilton, ON – If you’re walking the docks at Harbour West Marina (HWM) you may notice a rather inconspicuous looking hole swirling in the water. Last week, Marina Manager Kelly Flood and our maintenance team installed a Seabin to collect any litter floating nearby before it enters the bay. Connected to the…Read More→