2019 Port Tariff Increases

Pursuant to section(s) 49 through 53 of the Canada Marine Act, the Hamilton Port Authority hereby gives notice that effective March 1, 2019, the Hamilton Port Authority’s shipping related tariffs will increase 2% over 2018 levels.  The tariffs are posted on the corporate web site at http://www.hopaports.ca/tariffs

The purpose of this announcement is to notify the industry and public of these changes. Any interested person is invited to make representations in writing to the Hamilton Port Authority up to and including March 1, 2019.

For additional information, or to obtain a written copy, please contact:

Guangming Wu,
Accounts Receivable Analyst
Hamilton Port Authority
email: [email protected]

Legal Counsel

HOPA Ports is seeking a highly motivated individual for the position of Legal Counsel to help guide the sustainable growth of Ontario’s largest port authority.

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