2017 #PortCity Flagship Initiatives

In 2017, we took time to listen to our neighbours and other stakeholders about ways to improve port-community interactions, and build awareness and pride in our port city.

We are embedding sustainability into our decision-making and long-term planning, and we have completed some short-term actions in 2017. Here are a few:

1.       Restore the original shoreline at Sherman Inlet

Restoring the shoreline/fish habitat at Sherman Inlet, areas of which were previously filled. Ongoing, with implementation in 2018. HPA has committed to preserving and protecting Sherman Inlet as a natural space within the port lands.

2.       Public tour aboard the Harbour Queen

85 community members came aboard for a free public tour of Hamilton Harbour.

3.       Walking tours of Pier 15

HPA led two group walking tours of Pier 15, including views of Randle Reef, Sherman Inlet, boat storage building, and discussion of redevelopment opportunities in this area.  More to come in 2018.

4.       Doors Open

HPA participated in Doors Open 2017, showcasing our new port facility at 210 Hillyard. More than 700 people attended over two days.

5.       Canada Day – Tall Ships Festival

Co-presenter of Tall Ships on Canada Day. More than 47,000 people attended this event at Pier 8.

6.       Public art mural at Pier 10

HPA supported our tenant Collective Arts in developing a large-scale mural on a port building. Now a colourful landmark in the north end.

7.       A green edge along the port lands

New landscaping has been implemented at Burlington and Ferguson Sts., and looking for more areas for tree planning and landscaping to beautify the port-city interface. We also recently planted our first pollinator garden with the help of the Pollinator Paradise Project.

8.       Window on the Harbour at Pier 15

Building a viewing platform in a publicly-accessible space on Pier 15, with a view of Hamilton’s working waterfront, with interpretive signage to come in 2018.

9.       Air quality improvements

HPA has conducted an air monitoring pilot, and is now undertaking initiatives to proactively address track-out dust and other particulate sources.

10.   Public amenity improvements at Fisherman’s Pier

HPA has engaged with the Beach Canal Lighthouse Group to work on preserving the historic light station, and making this area around the Skyway a more welcoming and visually appealing gateway to the city.


Please let us know your ideas to help build an even better port city in 2018!
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Legal Counsel

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